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Youth Ministry.

Christ Our Sure Foundation Church

This is one of the most powerful ministries at CSFC. It is currently led by a group of leaders led by Bro. Simon Peter Kigozi.

In a bid to train, establish a prayerful, spirit filled, knowledge of the Word, the Youth have been encouraged to work along the lines that will enable them achieve this. 

The Church administration and leadership allowed the Youth to meet every Wednesday for their fellowships and to organize themselves so as to lead a Sunday service every month i.e the last Sunday Service of the month is led by the Youth. 

The Youths often organize themselves and are facilitated by the Church leadership where need be to go for Prayer retreats every often as agreed upon. These retreats are meant to allow the Youth fellowship members to have ample time to pray deeper, have discussions and to share the Word of God in depth.

The Youths also engage in evangelism outreach gospel ministries as organized by the Youth ministry and or the church. Such evangelism outreaches include Outreaches to Crusades, Hostels, and Bazaar (Expos and Exhibition) ministries.