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Children’s Ministry.

Christ Our Sure Foundation Church

The children’s ministry started way back when the church had just began. It is led by two women who chose to volunteer to steer the ministry right from grass roots to the level it is now. This ministry covers children between 3-10 years of age and these children are categorized in groups depending on their age bracket. According to the arrangement, a child who reaches 12 years of age graduates to the teen’s class.

Under the children’s ministry, the church has an Outreach ministry to especially the nearby Slum called Katanga. It was discovered that in this slum, the children are so vulnerable, they need support when it comes to acquisition of basic needs like Clothes, food, shelter among others. On this foundation therefore children are led to getting the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and thereafter confess Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior.

The Katanga ministry involves a Bible Club which runs every Saturday for at least two hours. The church contributes a special fund raised every Sunday to cater for the needs, the ministry requires to run successfully each Saturday. The Katanga ministry is also supported by the Church planters programs led by Mercy Link Ministry. Church planters’ organizes trainings to enhance the knowledge of Children’s facilitators and through these trainings the facilitators have acquired the necessary skills of handling and helping the children develop a Christian life.

Currently the number of children of the Katanga ministry is approximately 60.